Enjoy your

presence online

Presence is the best way to stay online and communicate with others.


What is Presence?

Presence is a messaging application providing you an incredibly private and secure way to stay online and do communicate with others, yet at the same time share your contents publicly to millions of people. Imagine to experience the visibility of a social network and the secrecy of a chat application at once.

Why to use it?

Thanks to Presence, you can share your life and opinions publicly without worrying about being attacked, trolled or boycotted, for our sharing experience prevents anyone from getting you down. This dramatically improves your freedom of expression as well as the level of each conversation that takes place from a post.

What about privacy?

The day when you have to justify for claiming your right is actually when you lost it. So enjoy your communications as it is supposed to be, with uncompromised privacy and security. Presence uses end-to-end encryption, so your messages are treated in a way for which we cannot read them, and no one else can either.


Iosè Magno, CEO Presence

At Presence, we deeply believe that the biggest value of communication is to testify.

This is what lets us to be true to ourselves and give our little contribute to other people’s lives. We need to testify our time, thoughts, feelings, knowledge, the good and the evil as we see it inside and around us.


Simply put, we have to get exposed.

It may be stressful. It may hurt.

But we can’t help stopping doing it.

We are humans. We do communicate.


This is such a pure and fragile thing that it cannot be achieved without the right amount of protection, respect and security. Too badly, the leading internet companies expose us to be attacked, trolled, profiled, snooped on and sometime even censured without any reason. Most of the users are aware about that but they are not in the position to make things change. At least, this is how the Internet works...


This is why we’ve built Presence, to firmly affirm that the Internet is here to serve the people, not corporations, neither governments. To provide people with a tool by which they can really communicate, knowing that whatever they share is safe from the actions of the others. To make it clear that the Internet is a medium, not a parallel world where all the rules of civil coexistence cease to exist.