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Presence is a private messaging app which is alternative to social media.

Haters and bad actors have gradually darkened the Internet and social media is no longer a good place to be. That's the reason why we have built Presence: to help people communicate more freely and be safe from haters. Nowadays, this is the only way possible to defend truth, privacy, free speech and mental health.

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The dawn of Social Messaging

Social messaging combines the visibility of social media with the secrecy of chat applications to let people communicate free from haters, trolls and bad actors

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Our Manifesto

At Presence, we deeply believe that the biggest value of communication is to testify. This is what lets us be true to ourselves and give our little contribution to other people’s life. We need to testify our time, thoughts, feelings, knowledge, the good and the evil as we see it inside and around us.

Simply put, we have to get exposed.
It may be stressful. It may hurt.
But we can’t stop doing it.
We are humans. We do communicate.

This is such a pure and fragile thing that it cannot be achieved without the right amount of protection, respect and safety. Too badly, the leading internet companies expose us to being attacked, trolled, snooped on and sometimes even manipulated without any awareness. It shouldn't be this way, but this is how the Internet works.

And this is why Presence, to firmly affirm that the Internet is here to serve the people, not corporations, neither governments. To let people communicate without the fear of being harmed, for whatever they share is safe from the action of the others. To make it clear that the Internet is a medium, not a parallel world where civil coexistence and decency cease to exist.


The social messaging app which is redefining the way people stay online and communicate with others.


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