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Our FAQ gives you more insights about Presence and answers common questions.


What is social messaging and how does it differ from social media?

Social messaging is a new wave of the Internet which is transforming how people stay online and communicate with others. If social media focuses on the community and can be seen as the “Internet of people”, social messaging focuses on the individual and can be seen as the “Personal Internet”.

Isn’t this a selfish move?

Personal Internet is still the Internet of people. However, the community is no longer treated as a blob and the fundamental rights of each individual come first. In our case, we refer to "respect" and "safety", which together lead to "freedom of expression". How can you truly express yourself if you feel constantly unsafe and under attack?

What does it mean in terms of user experience?

You can publish contents on the platform to share your life and opinions but “likes” and “replies” are private. This pulls the plug on haters because they can no longer attack you in front of the others. Beyond that, communications are end-to-end encrypted and we removed all the things that generate anxiety. For example, no one can see when you are “online”, your “last seen” or if you have read a message. In a nutshell, Presence is the safest place ever to be online.

Who is Presence for? Which people will benefit the most from it?

Presence is for everybody. No matter if we are celebrities, politicians or everyday people. We all need safety, respect and freedom. And we all suffer the same when we receive unmannered comments, insults and attacks.

Main info

What do I do on Presence?

You use Presence to share contents about yourself and your life, express opinions, keep in touch with fans, communicate with others and stay informed on what's happening in the world. Think of Presence like merging Google, Whatsapp and Facebook without all the icky stuff.

How does Presence differ from Facebook and social media applications?

Presence is a new breed of applications. It combines the visibility of social media with the secrecy of a chat application, so you can communicate with millions of people but never be attacked in front of the others. This is probably the first thing you will notice by comparing Presence to social media and the one you will love above all.

How does Presence differ from Whatsapp and chat applications?

Presence is a messaging app but you can use it as a substitute for social media. Also, our privacy is way superior to conventional chat applications. For example, in Presence there is no “online status”, no “last seen” and no one can see if you have read a message.

Without read-receipts, how do I know if my message has been read?

We sincerely believe you shouldn’t know. We think these virtual bonds are evil, they generate anxiety and put disorder in human relationships. Just consider the many times you have been asked: “Why haven’t you read my message?”. Also, how many times have you checked your phone compulsively only to see if someone had the chance to read your message?

What if my message goes unnoticed?

You can resend it, of course. However, we have rules that prevent spamming or hatred activity among users. Also, someone can report you and in that case we will deactivate your account.

How does your anti-hater policy work?

Unlike social media, we have an effective policy against abusive people, and if someone reports you, we will take immediate action. The first report will deactivate your account for 1 day. The second one will deactivate it for 3 days. The third one will deactivate it for 1 year. Since accounts on the platforms are linked to a phone number, the only way for you to avoid our restrictions is to buy a new SIM and change your number.

Can I delete my messages?

You can delete all the messages you sent to anyone, at any time and on both ends. However, please consider that people can take screenshots of your messages or take a photo of them with the help of a second phone. This goes to say that even if we do everything possible to protect your data, you should always pay attention to what you write and to whom you write to.

Privacy and Security

Are my messages safe? How do you protect them from being snooped on?

We use end-to-end encryption, so no one can read your messages, not even us. Also, we don’t save chats to our servers. This means that messages and media files are stored on the phones only.

What are your thoughts on privacy?

Privacy is a top priority for us and we are not scared to go against the tide to protect our users. For example, we removed “online status” and “read receipts”. However, we think that privacy is only the tip of a daunting iceberg.

What do you mean by "daunting iceberg"?

We mean violations that are way worse than data breaches. We mean hatred crimes, falsehoods and mass-scale manipulation which are deeply harming people and our democracy. This is why we made it our mission to stop online abuse and falsehoods, and invite you to join a call to action.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in the United States, Europe and other jurisdictions which strictly belong to democratic countries. That enables us to be as much independent as possible and better defend our platform.


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